Do Good

10 points of light to brighten your world

What’s the point of one person,
doing one mitzvah, just one time?

Look at the world as equally balanced between good and bad, and that a single good deed can tip the scale for good.

Also, every mitzvah causes a chain reaction. Helping another makes you feel good, feeling good makes you happy, and happy people do more good.
An avalanche of good deeds.

So really, one good deed can change the world.

Project Initiated 1967 | 5727

What: Every Jewish male should put on tefillin that are kosher, every day. Tefillin should be regularly checked to ensure kosher status.

Who: This mitzvah is primarily for men. Women can fulfill the mitzvah by donating tefillin or encouraging the men in their lives to don tefillin.

Effect: Powerful mind-heart meditation. One time of wearing tefillin forever changes you.

Project Initiated 1967 | 5727

What: Every Jewish home and business should have a kosher Mezuzah on every door. Mezuzot should be checked regularly to ensure that they are kosher.

Who: Jewish men, women, and children. 

Effect: Like installing a spiritual security system, a mezuzah protects the home and all those who live inside wherever they may go.

Project Initiated 1974 | 5734

What: Every Jewish woman and girl from age three should light Shabbat candles every Friday before sundown.

Who: All Jewish women and girls starting from when one can recite the blessing.

Effect: Lighting up the world one candle, one home, one evening at a time.

Project Initiated 1975 | 5735

What: Encourage every Jewish person to keep kosher and a kosher home.

Who: Jewish families and all those cooking and eating in their homes.

Effect: Nourish your body, fuel your soul. Kosher food purifies and keeps both our bodies and souls healthy and thriving.

Project Initiated 1973 | 5734

What: To give charity and often. All day, every day, whenever you can with a special mention of charity before Shabbat candle lighting.

Who: Every jewish person. Children are encouraged to have a charity box of their own and be responsible for distributing the charity.

Effect: Incredible ROI. Receive exponential blessing, spiritual and physical from every act of kindess.

Project Initiated 1973 | 5734

What: Set aside a designated time for Torah study every day.

Who: Doctors, SAHM, lawyers, rabbis, students, electricians, musicians, and soldiers- this is for everybody. Every Jewish man, woman, and child should carve out time for Torah study.

Effect: Learning makes you wise and connects you with G-d. All around winning.

Project Initiated 1976 | 5736

What: Encourage Jewish children and children at heart to get a Jewish education. Enroll children in Jewish camps and schools. To continue to pursue higher education in Torah. To teach whatever you know in Torah to others.

Who: The youngest child until every adult. There’s always more to learn.

Effect: Early, real education lays the foundation for a child’s future success.

Project Initiated 1975 | 5735

What: Every Jewish family be encouraged to keep the laws of Taharat Mishpacha and Mikva.

Who: Women thinking about getting married and those married for quite a while have the opportunity to visit the mikvah.

Effect: Immersion in the mikvah offers the gift of purity, honors the ebb and flow of marriage, and uplifts the entire household’s energy.

Project Initiated 1976 | 5736

What: Consciously see to it the people around you are being taken care of in whatever way is needed.

Who: All The People- Spread the love like you’d like to be loved.

Effect: Giving. Thinking outside of your own needs. There really is nothing that can instantly upgrade your life more than that.

Project Initiated 1974 | 5734

What: Every city should have an extensive Jewish lending library. Every home and member of the family, from the youngest, should have the basics Jewish books- and then continue to buy every new Jewish book that comes out.

Who: Youngest child to the oldest adult. All with their own personal libraries. Every city and community. Just buy all the books.

Effect: A really beautiful home. Also, having holy books will cause the reading of holy books.

Project Initiated 1976 | 5736

What: Encourage all the inhabitants of the world to accept the commandments given by G-d to Noach’s descendants.

Who: All of Humanity. Globally. Big and Small. Think Big.

Effect: A safer, better, happier, kinder, more peaceful world.

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