Zalmy and Chaya were both raised surrounded by the hustle and energy that is Crown Heights, in Brooklyn, NY. Inspired to take on changing the world from childhood, Zalmy fell in love with outreach, helping others, and then Chaya because of her shared vision. Anyways, it’s easier to conquer the world with a partner.

After spreading light in more than a dozen countries, the Goldbergs landed in Dunwoody, GA

Mission Statement

We believe in world peace, no more hunger and a time filled with abundance and joy.

Idealistic? Maybe. Realistic? Very.

It is our goal to make this a reality though the simple plan of adding more good deeds to the world. And soon.

Our mission statement is adopted from the Lubavitcher Rebbe who revolutionized the idea of doing one good deed. Every person in each moment has the infinite potential to create an oasis of light.


What is the Mitzvah house?

What does the word mitzvah mean?

Who is the Lubavitcher Rebbe?

How is the Mitzvah House funded?

How can I best support the Mitzvah House?

How can I get involved with the Mitzvah House?

What is your approach to outreach?

What is your view of the Moshiach?

What is your stance on social and political issues?


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