a culture of giving

The ARK! It’s not your typical charity box – it’s a box that creates a culture of giving.

Sure, one act of kindness can make a difference, but you know what’s even better?
Doing it every single day!

That’s what makes the ARK so special – it’s all about consistent behavior over time, which can truly transform a person’s outlook and actions.

The ARK, which is an abbreviation of Acts of Random Kindness, is based on the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who believed in nurturing the inherent goodness in people and spreading empathy to create a more peaceful world. The ARK is part of a larger movement to inspire humanity to be better, to do better, and to spread love wherever we go.

Grab an ARK and start spreading the love and goodness.


Get an ARK at a partnering local business or the Mitzvah House


Insert a coin every day


Place it in your home, office or car
When full, give it to someone or something deserving. You decide.


I would like to get involved in the ARK project

    I am a